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I am STILL working on my self esteem & confidence after that..they literally destroyed me from the inside out. The most hurtful part of all of it was to have girls that were my friends believe that I had betrayed them or to hurt a league I had put 2 years of my life into…all based on another girls LIES. It’s terrible, but girls are the worst when it comes to backstabbing….so now I am friendless because after 5 years I still can’t trust people.

I am hoping to observe a practice of the new league soon…as long as I can get my nerve up. My skates still fit and are calling to me……..

Reading this article made me feel better about myself because I know I’m not the only one who has gone though it. I had some truly horrible experiences because of roller derby, and when I looked for support I found endless bullshit about how empowering it is. This is a space for other people to know they are not alone.


Some skaters adopt a pseudonym representative of a less inhibited, perhaps more aggressive on-skate persona. For others, it’s a way to maintain some level of anonymity and privacy from over-zealous fans.

Would we behave the same way if we had to use our real names?

Violence against women

This article ’15 Recent Ads That Glorify Sexual Violence Against Women” highlights a disturbing trend.

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Is violence against women only offensive when it’s done by men? Or is it okay as long as it’s not sexual violence?

Read this Realistic Article about Derby

Oooh…it’s derby’s little secret. No matter how much we tout sisterhood and strong women athletes, it’s the horrible, nasty, embarrassing little character flaw in modern derby.

When you have dedicated so much to something and you are forced to quit is the results are devastating.

Destination Unknown

I have a feeling this is going to be a long one. It might even take a few goes. You see this is about a break up. A confusing and messy break up…. with roller derby.

You can laugh and you can mock me but it is truly what it feels like. See roller derby is like going out with the bass player. You know the guy you thought was out of your league. But one day, just like that the bass player notices you and sucks you in with a bit of charm. You fall into his arms one night and you never want to leave. And suddenly you go from being the girl left off the door list to the girl going to all the gigs and going back stage and drinking with the band.

So you sink your time into it, into him. Your parents aren’t keen…

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I hate the idea that someone wouldn’t get promoted because they are “too nice”.

Little Stories

Women have very little idea of how much men hate them.  — Germaine Greer, The Female Eunuch (1970)

After this week, however, I’d posit that women have at least a subtle, perhaps subconscious idea of how much men hate them. Over the past few days, I’ve been surrounded by these astonishing examples of self-directed misogyny, or, women who hate women.

Exhibit 1: Editing an article at work about the effect of hormones on traders’ decisions, on how research indicates that testosterone spikes influence traders to make riskier decisions about their portfolios. The article suggests, without the slightest hint of sarcasm, that it would be a good idea if firms chose to hire “unattractive women” or put “pretty women behind screens” on the trading floor, to prevent men from experiencing testosterone spikes. (Behind screens! That was the actual advice.) The piece went on to say that “married men and…

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interesting observation about carrying anger with you and taking it out on other people.

Derby Love.